Not fluent English because they think everything is Thailand.

Not fluent English because they think everything is Thailand.


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Many people who do not speak English fluently or not I do not know, maybe it's not just words or sounds. But the retaliation English - Thailand Thailand - in English. It works exceedingly slow Wilkins, who speaks English very well, he has said that. "I was in Thailand" to hear English. English answers to all! But ... if I do not get it. I'm thinking that's it?

Listen to a story "It is almost impossible," we will not translate English into Thailand in the head. Even for people who do not excel Thailand. Not fluent in English and Our automated system in the brain that lead to the translation of this. We use it to learn English since the app. One too! We will not overcome it, then turned to the British system - with the English way. 

So let's start by understanding that. Listen to Britain - a Britain - the British answer. Not that require a high level of English. Or used to live abroad come first to me. Listened to the English - think England - The British then. In simple It was to create a new habit. Create a new idea The system replaces Thailand - English. It was in our heads that This is a process that starts from simple starting point is that we try to choose simple words you know to take into account before. Let's take for example the word "desk" was a good close look at it and say Desk (desktops) Yes! That is the Desk Now, try to put it in a sentence. "I put it at the Desk" or "taking note and placed it on my Desk" I did this repeatedly. 

Until one day you look at the table and that it ran Desk at the table before your brain. But the point is that it's called successful! Just got an? Yeah, it was just like that. But there are tens of thousands of vocabulary words very slowly fill your new habit going. During this process, you will have symptoms. "Thailand say the word" stay a while, but that did not matter too. Because it in no time (1-2 months), you can barely speak a word of English, but the sentence was reduced to 70%, but operators. Thailand said that tend to stick in a way. But which do you think is England. Flexibility in the choice of words to fill in your sentence will be developed as 2 - 3 times ever! 

And what would help this process progresses faster. It is inevitable to listen Sentences to absorb various levels to absorb that ... you felt like this would be. Sort this sentence is wrong. You do not need to think anything's grammar. I feel that it is right. Because you have heard it before that. 

The wizard did it was inevitable the series. Movies by English Subtitle English can open at the same time come across unfamiliar words. You try to talk some more. Which seems to see nothing but actually voting on. It was reiterated that put your brain. The hearing ear, eye, oral reading is also shifting day time, you're going to say something similar. I sentence you to move as it was haunted, of course! I believe this approach really works. For those who do not speak English fluently or not. Not better anymore We challenge you to try!